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A practical guide for the family and local historian


with contributions from

Terry Eakin
Robert Forrest
Brian Mitchell

This publication is a CD ROM that contains a website which provides information on the sources that you would need to consult in order to trace your ancestors within the County of Londonderry. As well as providing the normal text information that you would find in a book it also contains searchable databases of names, case studies of families and localities drawn from various parts of the county, maps and explanations of the various administrative divisions within the county and links to key family history websites on the Internet. Whilst it cannot possibly contain specific information on all individual families within the county, it can be used to organise searches for members of any family living in the county, particularly during the period c.1860 to c.1920.

Click here to download a free copy of the Introductory Booklet [PDF file]. This booklet should provide you with sufficient detail on the kind of information that the CD contains and allow you to assess its value to you.

The CD, priced at 12, is available from the Ulster Historical Foundation Online Bookstore; Graham Mawhinney, Draperstown [02879628514]; Laurel Villa Townhouse, Church Street, Magherafelt;. Tourist Information, Connell Street, Limavady; Tourist Information, Town Hall, Ballymoney.

Terry Eakin is the editor of All Ireland Sources Newsletter, a free monthly newsletter published by the Society of Australian Genealogists. The aim of this newsletter is to draw attention to items of interest regarding Irish record sources.

Robert Forrest provides a professional genealogical service at

Brian Mitchell is the genealogist within Derry City Council's Heritage and Museum Service and is based at the Harbour Museum in Derry. He can be contacted by telephone 028 7137 7331; or email at

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