1834 Valuation Map showing William Street, Londonderry [Lower end of Street]
(PRONI: VAL/1/D/5/9)

This a map of the street containing numbers which match the numbers in the 1832 Townland Valuation. The map has been reproduced in two overlapping sections. The section of the map below shows the lower end of the street running from Waterloo Place towards Mary Blue's Burn which was the city boundary. Note that the area between the burn and Rossville Street/James's Street was then open country [compare this with the 1859 map]. The rest of the street continues on after that. Click here to see the upper end of the street. Note that by 1859 the part of the street on the lower side of Mary Blue's Burn was known as William Street [within] and the part on the upper side of the burn was known as William Street [without].

Copyright 2010 W. Macafee.