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Church Census extant for Co. Londonderry and North & Mid Antrim

A number of census or registers of the members of church congregations are available within the general area covered by this website - four in North Antrim and eight in Co. Londonderry - click here for a list of these congregations. So far I have databased four of these census/registers.

The first refers to the parish of Ballintoy in North Antrim where the Rector, the Rev Robert Traill, compiled a census which contains a complete list of all of the inhabitants of the Parish of Ballintoy in April 1803. I created this database from the copies of the pages held in PRONI: Ref. T679/69. These pages, which are handwitten, are photographs from the microfilms of the Vestry Minute Book of the Parish.

The data is entered into the database as if it were a "proper" census. I have, therefore, used the term Head of Family which is not used in the the actual census and I have assigned a House No. to each family or group of people who may have been living in the same house within a townland. I have also, as far as possible, indicated the relationship of each person in the family or house to the Head of Family. This process, of course, is not a perfect science. You should, therefore, check any names and places in the database [of interest to you] against the information in T679/9 in PRONI. If this is not possible, you can check them against an online, typed, transcript of the census at This transcript is very accurate and also contains an excellent introduction to the census by John A. I. McCurdy.

Database of the Census of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Ballintoy taken by the Rev. Robert Traill, April 1803. Excel PDF

The Rev. Traill was also responsible for compiling the 1803 Agricultural Census for the parish. It is interesting to compare names across to these two documents.

The other church census that I have transcribed into a database relates to the parish of Ballymoney. This census was compiled in 1817 by the Rev. Robert Park who was the minister of the First Presbyterian Church in the town. In fact the Rev. Park became the minister of the church on 18th March 1817. So this census may have been his way of getting to know his flock. Clearly it will only contain Presbyterians who attended that church. Trinity Church [which was the Seceding Church at that time] would not be included. But, since St. James's and Drumreagh Churches [offshoots of 1st Ballymoney] were not built at that time, those families that later joined these churches would be enumerated in this 1817 census. My own ancestors are listed in this census in the townland of Bootown. I have arranged the names and places from the transcript of the census held in PRONI [CR/3/1/D/1] within a kind of a database which should make it easier to find names and search for places.

Database of the 1817 Census of First Ballymoney Presbyterian Church compiled by the Rev. Robert Park. Excel PDF

There are two sources of similar dates for Ballymoney town which can be used in conjunction with the Park Census. And, you can also check names for this period against the 1803 Agricultural Census. There are 307 names listed for the town. Remember in those days many townspeople would have held land in the Townparks and would therefore qualify for inclusion in an Agricultural Census.

1804-1810 George Miller's list of inhabitants of the town - by street - by surname.
1814 Map of the town with a list of tenants by - street - by surname.

Database of the Census of the Congregation of Magilligan Presbyterian Church c.1855. Excel PDF
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