1814 Map of the Town of Ballymoney by William Martin Jun.
[PRONI Ref. T/953/3]

In 1814 the town of Ballymoney was surveyed by William Martin Junior. The work was carried out for Lord Mark Kerr head of the Antrim estate at that time. He owned the town of Ballymoney and he wanted to know who was occupying each of the tenements or holdings in each street within the town. The result was a map which shows us the layout and extent of the town at that time with each individual tenement shown and numbered. The numbers refer to a list of tenants and proprieters which accompanies the map. A proprieter would have been the person holding the lease of the property from the Earl of Antrim. I'm assuming that those persons listed with no proprieter's name against them held a direct lease from the Earl of Antrim.

Note that numbers 169 and 170 do not appear on this copy of the map. They are located next to 167 in Piper Row which, of course, is now known as Charlotte Street. Note also that Moss Gate is now Linenhall Street and the Market Street of 1814 was really modern-day High Street and Townhead Street. I have also used the name Meetinghouse Street for Meetinghouse Lane. Click here for a List of Tenants. To some extent this map and list can be matched up to George Miller's list of 1804-1810.